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Welcome to Fairy Ring Facts, a website dedicated to one of the most troublesome problems a homeowner can face when dealing with turf problems, fairy ring.

Fairy Ring n. a naturally occurring ground circle caused by fungi or other biological agents; figuratively, a fanciful ring or circle of mystical or unusual behaviour or action.

The oldest fairy ring on record is over one kilometer wide and believed to be over 700 years old!

Stonehenge has a fairy ring over 100 meters wide and believed to be over 300 years old!

 All grasses are susceptible to fairy ring.

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of
the fairy ring.

Marasmius oreades is the most common mushroom produced by fungi creating fairy rings.

Mycorrhizal fungi, which have a  symbiotic relationship with trees, can also form fairy rings. Their rings are called tethered rings.

Fairy rings can disappear and reappear after a year or more.

Fairy Ring is a mycelium that produces fungi, which needs to exhaust it's food supply before it will discontinue it's growth.

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fairy ring
Soil Showing Mycelium Growth Fairy Ring Fungus
fairy ring fungus
Fairy Ring Mycelium
Fairy Ring Mushroom





 "what can be done about these unsightly fairy rings in our lawn?"

Over the years I have asked homeowners if they have had any success in dealing with their fairy ring problem. Some have, many have not.

I have created this website to give you some information on how Fairy Rings are formed as well as some methods to help you in controlling this fungi.

I encourage you to submit any success you have had in dealing with fairy ring and I would be happy to post them to our site

you can email us at 

Enjoy your visit to our site



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