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White Clover

A significant weed common to lawns and landscapes throughout Canada and the United States, White Clover is a perennial used for pastureland grazing. It grows quickly during cool, moist weather, but because of its shallow root zone, does poorly in dry conditions. White clover is easily identifiable by its 3 leaf stems and white flowers.                                                                                                  white clover

White Clover can be controlled with a broadleaf weed control product. Generally 2 to 3 applications, followed by proper cultural practices can keep White Clover from appearing in your lawn. A regular fertilizer program, combined with weekly watering and using a mowing height of 2 ½ to 3 inches will create a thick, vigorous lawn which will help to prevent the germination of White Clover and other seeds that may blow in from the surrounding areas.

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