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Natural Pest Control Methods - Use These Ant Control Tricks To Keep Your Family Safe.

by John Lim

Ants have always been a big problem in households due to the sheer numbers. They can spoil your food, sting or bite you and in some cases even destroy wood and furniture. Although ant bites arent that annoying to some (in most cases you will experience minor swelling and itching) but people have fallen ill to them. Serious problems that have arisen from ant bites include allergy, diarrhea, skin infection, fever and flu!

If you have small children at home, I understand that you dont want to use the regular pest control methods that involve poisonous insecticides. However, you have to use some form of ant control method. What Id recommend would be natural pest control. There are 3 things you can do to get rid of ants in your home:

1.You could try locating the place of entry of the ants into your home. Then place cucumber peels at the place of entry or at the top of the ant hill (if you can find it). Alternatively you could squeeze some lemon onto the place of entry and leave lemon peels instead. Ants are driven away by them but this method of pest control is a little hard to execute because youll have to find either the place of entry or the ant hill. Other things that ants tend to stay away from are chalk, talcum powder, cayenne pepper, liquid pepper, borax and charcoal dust. So you could try lining your house with them.

2.Create a concoction of boric acid powder and honey. Mix a teaspoon of honey and bout half a teaspoon of boric acid powder in a small dish and place this in a hidden corner. Make sure that your kids cant get to it either! This will both attract and kill the ants effectively. The weakness of this natural pest control method though is that youll have to make a new batch every couple of days but otherwise it does a good job of controlling where the ants go.

3.Another ant control method is to mix together baking soda with sugar (regular or powdered is fine) and placing them in small caps. Put these caps in areas where the ants can easily get to. This mixture will actually kill the ants and are a great method of natural pest control.

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