Fairy Ring Lawn Care Tips

Moss and Algae


Moss and algae grow in areas of lawn where conditions are not suitable for turf grass.


Generally moss will grow in an area, which has an excess amount of moisture and stays moist throughout the day. These areas do not need to be shaded however shade is usually present where moss grows. Other factors, which contribute to the growth of moss, are poor drainage, low soil fertility, compaction, and a large percentage of clay in the soil makeup.


Many types of algae usually grow in areas with bare soil. The same factors such as shade, compaction, excessive moisture, and poor drainage contribute to the growth of algae.


The most important problem moss and algae create in a lawn is a poor appearance. Moss causes a lighter green colouration to the lawn. It also competes with the turf grass and can gradually choke out the healthy grass. Once algae have control of a bare area of soil, it is very hard for turf grass to become established on this area. Once areas become wet again, the algae will continue to grow and spread.


Because of the fact moss and algae tend to grow in areas that are unfavourable for turf grass, it is essential the homeowner change certain things in these areas. One of the most important things you can do is improve the drainage to alleviate excessive moisture. Both moss and algae dislike sunlight. Try to open up areas that are shaded. Aerating these areas will loosen up soil compaction and help to dry out the soil. Creating more air movement will also help to dry out the soil. Pruning any vegetation close to the mossy areas can do this. By using these corrective measures it should go a long way to solving your moss and algae problems.

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