Fairy Ring Lawn Care Problems


Leaf Hopper

Leafhoppers can cause damage to a lawn but are considered more of a nuisance than a threat to a lawn. The adults are wedge-shaped and can vary in colour from green to brown. Usually they are between 2-3 centimeters in length and move very quickly when disturbed. These lawn pests feed by sucking juice from the grass leaves or stems. Initially an infested leaf will have a lighter green appearance and eventually a yellow and then brown colouration. As the insect feeds, the vascular system of the grass plant is affected. The feeding interferes with the translocation of nutrients and water causing tissues within the plant to wilt. If the infestation level increases, feeding can result in severe thinning of the turf grass. As with most insects, the leafhopper prefers warm, sunny areas and damage can be misdiagnosed as drought stress. If the leafhoppers are occurring in a large enough number insecticides can be used to control them. Ensure your application is applied according to the manufacture's label. Take all safety precautions recommended before applying.

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