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Tips For Lawn Care   by James Hunt

Proper lawn care includes such things as mowing, watering, fertilizing and the removal of weeds. The amount of care that you give to your lawn will depend on the lawn itself. It will depend on the type of grass, the weather and the type of soil that you have.

It is always a good idea to mow your lawn as often as possible. Mowing maintains a uniform height for all the plants. It also helps control the growth of the weeds by cutting off their seed-bearing stems. There are various types of mowers that can be used to create the perfect looking lawn; the one that you choose is completely up to you. No matter what kind of lawn mower that you use you should always take the time to sharpen the blades of your mower. Sharpening the blades will ensure that your grass is being cut, rather than just being broken off or pulled out.

Lawn care is not a simple task and it does require some time and effort. Mowing the lawn itself can be a tedious task. For example, new grass should not be mowed until it has grown to a height of two inches. After the first cutting however, it should be kept at a height of one and a half inches to two inches. Depending on the type of grass and the conditions in which it is growing, you could end up mowing your lawn quite frequently.

Lawn care also includes watering. The amount of water and the frequency of watering can and will vary considerably between lawns. Enough water should be applied to wet the soil and to a depth of four to six inches. It is very important that you soak the ground thoroughly. This is needed because light watering will encourage the roots to grow near the surface. This will result in the grass dieing in dry weather and the roots will be unable to reach the water deep down in the soil.

Fertilizing is also a major component in lawn care. This is important in maintaining a dense and healthy lawn. Most lawns need these major elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All of these things can be found in lawn fertilizers. It is best to apply fertilizer twice during the year, in the early spring and then again in the late fall. In the early spring, fertilizer should be applied before the grass has started to grown ad while the soil is full of moisture. This helps the grass produce stronger and more extensive roots. Fall fertilizing, after the late season rains, help the grass recover from the summer hear and drought.

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