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Welcome to our home remedies page. As time progresses and our site grows we will continue to add home remedies that you the homeowner has had success in dealing with fairy ring.

Peter of Edmonton contacted us with this home remedy
if you have a rhubarb patch in your yard, spread fresh rhubarb leaves on the fairy ring, replace the leaves as they dry out, continue this process for approx 2 weeks

Clint of Stony Plain suggests opening up areas within the fairy ring being careful to dispose of any affected soil, mycelium,or turf grass in an area not affected by turf growth, sprinkle Dr. Scholls foot powder into the disturbed areas

Harry of Utopia emailed us with this suggestion; apply whole ground corn meal at approximately 12 kilograms per 1,000 square feet of area affected by the fairy ring. You can purchase whole ground corn meal at your local grocery store. If you are able to visit a feed store you will be able to purchase the ground corn meal for substantially less. Ensure you purchase ground corn meal, do not buy corn meal gluten. The fungus within the corn meal acts like a fungicide and attacks the cell walls of the fairy ring causing fungus

B. Merkley of Ottawa emailed us this method of dealing with fairy ring. I have been battling Fairy Ring in my backyard for a few years now. I think I have it under control this year. I poke holes around it with a piece of rebar the type used in concrete work. Poke holes down about 8 inches out to a foot from the Ring. Then mix dish soap, baby shampoo and Listrine( yellow kind) Mouthwash. Half cup of each. Buy the store brand mouthwash that is the same and alot cheaper. Also Dollar Store Shampoo and Dish Soap. Use a funnel in the holes close to the ring and pour it in . Getting it down to the source. I do this once a week. I use to dig up the spot  put the soil in the garbage and lay plastic over the spot and new soil and sow new grass. But it was alot of work. It worked too. Hope this info is helpful. Cheers B.Merkley in Ottawa.

Mathew of Sylvan Lake sent us this questionable home remedy, although it is not a serious home remedy, I still found it funny, hope you do too!
you will need a case of beer, any brand will do, a lawn chair and a baseball bat. first of all  get comfortable, this will take a while. Next drink one beer then continue until the whole case is gone. At this point you will begin to see fairys dancing around on the lawn. Next take your bat and whack the heck out of them, make sure you get them all. Sleep off the effects of the beer and in the morning you will not see any fairy rings in your lawn.
brought to you by the Grassman
Sylvan Lake Alberta canada

Bonnie of Stony Plain emailed us with her solution for the fairy ring problem
Hi, I live near Stony Plain (Edmonton, Alberta).

I have been taking care of the fairy rings that just started in my lawn by
the following method. I currently pick the mushrooms and pull out the grass
to expose the ground where they are growing. I rough out the soil as much as
possible to help the solution below penetrate. I haven't been going deep,
just a 1/2 inch or so.

I then pour a mixture of bleach and water over the fairy ring and the area
around it. It is leaving a brown ring but it seems to kill the mushrooms. If
I don't pour the mixture over a wide enough area surrounding the mushrooms,
the mushrooms do show up beside the area.

Once I have the mushrooms killed off, I will then overseed with lawn seed.

I thought of doing this because I would kill normal mushrooms in my lawn by
picking the mushrooms and then pouring pure bleach down the hole where the
mushroom roots were. When I didn't pour the bleach down the hole the
mushrooms came back. The lawn was brown in the spot for a little while but
came back green and the mushrooms didn't return on me.

My lawn is free of the regular mushrooms, but I started getting fairy ring,
mainly over the septic system. Picking the mushrooms didn't seem to work and
I didn't feel like digging the various fairy ring spots up and throwing the
dirt out. I like some of the solutions, I have found on this site and I am
going to try them. What ever I can find that makes it easier and takes less
of my time the better.

Gene and Daisy sent this home remedy
I have met with considerable success over the years by using the following simple and cheap method.
  First thoroughly break the crust of the fairy ring using a garden fork or similar tool.
    Completly wet the ring with plain water
    Using a soaker hose maintain a steady drip to keep the ring saturated for about one week or
     longer if necessary to kill the ring.
     A soaker hose made of recycled tires seems to work best to maintain the drip.

Dawn Webb of Regina recently emailed us this suggestion  Hi, Paul - when fairy ring reappeared in my lawn this spring, I read thru all my gardening resources and found only chemical cures that are no longer available. So I decided that since cinnamon is an effective anti-fungal which I use religiously every fall when putting down my bulbs, I'd try it on fairy ring. I buy cinnamon in a gallon-sized container from The Real Wholesale Club. The prep work is the same tedious process as all other cures - pulling out the 'mushrooms' and surrounding soil and then poking holes at least 5 inches deep in the whole area. I am also clinical in the treatment of whatever I use to poke the holes - wipe down your fork or whatever with an alcohol swab. Then sprinkle a generous layer of cinnamon on the whole area and mist it with water enough to make cinnamon run down into the holes. I continue to pull mushrooms on a daily basis and after about a week, do more holes and more cinnamon. And now its gone! The best thing about this cure, besides the fact that its effective, is that you don't have to worry about killing grass or poisoning wildlife, pets or small children. And you can use the leftovers to make cinnamon toast!
 P.S. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan where we had massive amounts of precip over the winter and into spring.

Harry from Edmonton   I've used this solution several times.  It works.

    Use a garden fork to poke holes along the fairy ring.  Make rows of
holes at least three forks wide across the ring, and at least two feet
beyond each end of the ring.  No wide gaps between the rows.  Keep them
about as far apart as the gap between the fines on the fork.

    In a 20 litre pail, mix 1 cup of liquid dish soap with 4 to 6 cups of
canola oil, then fill with water.  Don't make the soap foam up.  Pour the
mixture over the fairy ring holes until somewhat soaked.  Make more as
needed.  A ring ten feet long should take two to four pails.  If in doubt,
mix more.

    If the ring comes back, you didn't punch enough holes, or pour enough of
the mix.  Do it again.

    No need to remove grass or soil.

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