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Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is ground cover we consider to be a weed due to our inability to control its boundaries. Belonging to the mint family, Ground Ivy is a carpet-forming perennial with kidney-shaped leaves and a bluish-purple flower that blooms throughout the summer. Also given the nickname "Creeping Charlie", Ground Ivy spreads along the ground by using its branches that root at intervals, thus creating many new plants. It is virtually impossible to dig out of the ground unless removing all the soil and replacing it with new, and chemical control is extremely difficult due to its many leaves and extensive root system.

Ground Ivy does have some useful benefits. As a medicinal herb, it has been used as a cure for digestive troubles, to relieve fevers and gout of the hands, feet and knees. It has also been used to cure coughs and colds. Dried leaves of the Ground Ivy plant have also been used as a snuff to help headaches.

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