Fairy Ring Lawn Care Problems



A summer annual and member of the grass family, Foxtails can sometimes be found in lawns that do not see proper cultural practices, meaning the grass tends to be cut very short, the soil is dry and compacted and lacking nutrients. A mature Foxtail plant can grow as high as 3 feet tall, and tends to grow in clumps, rather than spreading like some weeds like to do. Its leaves spiral and are long, and its flower heads are yellow and bushy, like the tail of a fox, hence the name.

Due to its membership in the grass family, a broadleaf weed control product will not control this weed. Options are to dig out the weed and replace the soil and grass, or treat chemically with a non-selective herbicide. Any herbicide containing glyphosate will work. The problem with using these herbicides is that they are NON-SELECTIVE meaning all growth with chlorophyll (anything green) in it will die once it comes in contact with the herbicide. We cannot stress this fact strongly enough. If you are determined to use a herbicide with glyphosate to control Foxtail you MUST BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to come in contact with any growth other than the Foxtail. If you apply a non-selective herbicide to the entire lawn to control the Foxtail, your entire lawn WILL DIE.

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