The Cyclone Rake

The Cyclone Rake

The Most Popular Lawn Vacuum in America

Now even more powerful with the new, revolutionary JetPath™ Vacuum System!

The Cyclone Rake is the most powerful, compact and easy-to-use leaf and lawn vacuum you can own. With superior vacuum systems, the widest array of features, and the largest capacities in their class, all three Cyclone Rake models deliver unsurpassed performance. Plus, the Cyclone Rake folds up flat, in just a couple of minutes, so you can store it in any garage. It's the only product of its kind that's designed for people. The Cyclone Rake delivers contractor power with homeowner convenience and affordability.
The Cyclone Rake leaf and lawn vacuum will out-perform any leaf blower, leaf vacuum, lawn sweeper or leaf catcher you can buy. 

The JetPath system is a tremendous advance in lawn vacuum performance. With its 8-inch air flow system and short, streamlined debris path, the JetPath system generates unsurpassed vacuum performance to devour deep leaf drifts and power through tough fall cleanup projects.

The JetPath Vacuum System gives you the most powerful and clog-free lawn vacuum we've ever offered. And, it's standard on the Cyclone Rake Commander and Commercial Pro lawn vacuum models.The JetPath system is standard on the Cyclone Rake Commander and the Commercial Pro lawn vacuums. With its 8-inch air-flow system and short, streamline debris path, the JetPath system provides maximum lawn vacuum performance with less chance of clogging, even in the toughest conditions. All Cyclone Rake hoses including the JetPath intake hose are available in our rugged, standard hose material

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