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Beating fairy ring

A newly released research study by Precision Laboratories, Inc., shows that a disease control program including Cascade Plus significantly improves the performance of fungicides against Lycoperdon Fairy Ring. Combinations of Cascade Plus with Insignia, Heritage and Prostar fungicides, consistently resulted in optimized disease reduction as compared to the fungicide alone and the check.
Fairy ring occurs in the top few inches of the soil profile and is characterized by hydrophobic soil. The adjuvant technology in Cascade Plus not only cures the hydrophobicity but may also facilitate better movement of the fungicide to the disease. The study was conducted by Dr. Bruce Martin at the Pee Dee Research Center in Florence, SC.
"This is an exciting discovery because it is an extremely valuable new use for soil surfactants," says Don Spier, Vice President. "We have existing data that proves the unique chemistry of Cascade Plus increases irrigation efficiency, improves root growth, facilitates re-wetting and allows water to penetrate faster and deeper into the soil profile for longer periods of time. Based on this study, we now have data that shows that Cascade Plus can perform an important role in disease control by enhancing the performance of fungicides that are used to combat diseases like Lycoperdon Fairy Ring. I believe that the results of this study will be of great significance to turf professionals."

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